Customized Zettel

What are all the customizations done on this CodeBase compared with zettel's original one? Here is a Bullet List of the Items1

  • Zettel is built with [[Go]] which made it a bit easier to hack on 😄

  • Changed CSS

    • Removed wing.css and used New CSS
    • Dark mode(Auto) ⚡
  • Implemented Search

    1. Done with Fuze.js
    2. Generates a search.json file and uses this file to be index of the search
    3. search.json contains the list of all titles to tags
    4. Used the code for implementing a search on a Hugo Site
  • Made the Graph more "Scrollable"

  • Added Tooltips to internal links

    • Used a Summary key in the Frontmatter to generate these
  • Footnotes 🦵

  1. Hehe This is a footnote. ↩︎