Some Vim Commands

Some default Vim Commands, after reading a book on how to use Vim 😁


  • k for up
  • j for down
  • h for left
  • l for right

  • x → Deletes the Character under the Cursor
  • . → Repeats the Previous command
  • o 👉 will create a line below the cursor and go to INSERT mode.
  • O will create a line above the cursor and go to INSERT mode
  • Ctrl+r to redo
  • u → undos x
  • ~ will change the case of the letter under the Cursor
  • dd → Deletes current line
  • >G → ↑s indendations till EOF
  • <G → ↓s the indendation of the file
  • daw will delete an entire word
  • d<n>w will delete n words in the line
    • d2w will delete 2 words
    • d7w will delete 7 words
  • y to copy the items under the cursor.
  • d to cut the items under the cursor
  • p to paste items after the cursor and P to paste items before the cursor


Vim search is friendly 😁

To search we can use /{regex pattern} . Use n to move to the next match and N to move back

Search and Replace

We can use the /{search} method to find the word and use the motion cgn to change the word and enter the new word. Then go back to NORMAL mode and pressing n to go to next character and use . to repeat the motion. Downside is that this is manual and tedious.

To search and replace on a single line we can use the :s command

  • options
    • c (for confirmation),
    • g (replace all occurrence in one line)
    • i (for ignoring the case)

To replace all the occureneces in the file we can use :%s instead of :s

Using Terminal in NeoVim

Learn more about [[Terminal in NeoVim]]

Thanks to my friend Andrew Bastin for Suggesting me Floaterm, I use Floaterm Now.


A Floating terminal inside NeoVim. How cool is That??? As mentioned in "[[Terminal in NeoVim]]" the NORMAL mode Keybinding is a tad hard, so as a noob vim user, I added the binding to ESC key. It's easier for me that way. I also remapped a few things to get terminal a bit easier from the NORMAL mode.

nmap fn :FloatermNew zsh<CR>
nmap ft :FloatermToggle<CR>
nmap fp :FloatermNext<CR>
nmap fk :FloatermKill<CR>
nmap fo :FloatermPrev<CR>

For remapping the command from the terminal I used this 👇

tnoremap <ESC> <C-\><C-n>

Using free Real Estate

Check out [[Tabs and Panes in Vim]]