Terminal in NeoVim

I use Neovim for my editing and a feature I miss in VsCode was the terminal. But I found that there is a terminal feature in neovim. It's quite usable and slowing reducing my dependency on VsCode for editing.

Creating a New Terminal in Neovim

There is a command for creating a new Terminal in Neovim.

In NORMAL mode just type in :terminal and you'll get a terminal with your default shell(ZSH in my case).

You can type a or i for going to INSERT mode and type in your commands.

Exiting from the Terminal Session

This is a bit tricky part. Maybe remap to something else in the future.

For switching back to NORMAL mode from the terminal session you need to type in

CTRL + \ CTRL + n

Once in NORMAL mode :q will quit the terminal session.